Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm so excited that my first full yardages of some of my fabric designs finally arrived!!! I ordered a few of my designs on the upholstery weight fabric from Spoonflower and cut out the pieces to make a purse that I designed. As soon as I get it all put together, I'll post pics.

I've designed a few more fabrics, however they're not available for sale yet as I'm waiting for the test swatches to get here to check them out. These designs are inspired by wood molding and carvings I've noticed in my surroundings lately.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

fabric salvation

Creating artwork of my very own and especially creating fabric designs has proven to be my salvation from segments of the socially inept world in which I sometimes work as a graphic designer. It is remarkable to me that the filter that most of us seem to possess can be so sorely lacking in some individuals who hold no regard for crushing others' spirits and the others who kowtow to these profoundly rude people and allow toxic environments to fester.

So I choose to confide in my husband and best friend, my constant supporter. I also immerse myself in my creations. I created the Numberology and Men in Numbers pieces for the latest Spoonflower fabric of the week contest. The Adirondack Rows was inspired by the shape of the back of the chairs and coordinates with my earlier design, Adirondack Attitude.

I've finally had some funds so I've been able to order full yardages of some of my designs. I can't wait until they show up in my mailbox and I can start stitching up the patterns for bags that are only sketches in my notebooks right now.