Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mackinac Island

Yesterday was spent exploring Mackinac Island, only part of it as we discovered you really need a lot more time than one afternoon to truly appreciate it! Seeing the Grand Hotel appear out of the trees as the ferry neared the island was spectacular. It was lovely to walk down lush greenery surrounding streets free of autos. Discovering secret gardens tucked away was also a wonderful treat.

The beauty was almost overwhelming as was the scent of lilacs which were everywhere! Though I did not take any pics of them, I did capture these lovely apple blossoms on Mission Point.

This was the little sign found on the gate to the private garden we passed by which made it that much harder to resist peering through the dense trees!

Crossing the Mackinac Bridge came after our return the U.P. My husband was so excited for this part of our day as he's a fanatic about bridges! I am far less fanatical about them as I sometimes get nervous crossing our bridge from Duluth to Superior and it's not five miles long. I'm much happier admiring the bridges from the land on either side!

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