Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Color Chart

After many, many, many hours I finally finished my newest color chart! I should have kept track of all the hours but after about two weeks of putting this together with every spare moment I had, I just gave up on keeping count. As soon as it was finished I sent if off to Spoonflower and patiently waited for it to arrive last week. Now I can reference over 1,000 more colors in addition to my first chart with over 1,400 colors. These charts have been so helpful in putting my designs together as even if the colors look good on screen, they don't come out as hoped when the printed version arrives. I've discovered, along with a few other Spoonflower designers, that reds, greens, and yellows can be really problematic. Red was the biggest frustration for me in putting together one design in particular so these charts are helping to save me lots of time and lots of money on printing multiple swatches of the same design just to get to the correct color!

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