Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sign here, please

This is the minuscule pile of books that was my traveling companion to The Creative Connection Event. This little, light stack of hardboard and paper necessitated it's very own bag to Minneapolis. While others were purchasing their books at the Barnes and Noble booth at the conference site, I brought all these books that have graced my bookshelves for years and are now graced by the greetings and autographs of all my "she"roes! Though I did not have the books of all 30 or so authors at the event, this was quite enough for me! I think any more would have necessitated back surgery on my part following the conference! You'll also notice that Amy Butler's books are at the very top of the stack!


  1. I am discovering you through the links of blogs posted on the CC site, so glad I found you! I also carried a stack of books with me (I couldn't believe how many authors I cherish and collect were there!) and my back definitely paid the price. I am in St. Paul, and the North Shore is my very favorite place to escape and relax. Too busy to get up there this summer, hoping to make a fall trip. My husband proposed outside of Fitgers, so it will always hold a special place in my heart. Can't wait to follow your blog, and check out your Etsy shop.

    And yes, my Amy books were on the top of my stack as well. Wasn't it great to listen to her?

  2. Hi Kristi! So glad to meet you here; I wish I had met you in person at the conference but there were so many people there!!!! It was so much fun to be in the heart of downtown Minneapolis for a change - when my husband and I are traveling through the cities we're always on the outskirts and suburbs.

    Fitgers is wonderful! We have to get back there soon - maybe tonight for our date night!!! I've started following your blog, too, after finding it on the TCC site! Once I work through all those sites I have to move on to all the business cards I accumulated at the conference!

    Amy was wonderful - so inspiring, I was kind of teary listening to her speak and getting to meet her!

    If you make it up for a fall trip, I would love to meet you in person!!! Our fall colors are really starting to show! If you want to meet, just let me know. My Esty shop is very small right now, but I'm working on some more to get in there!

    Again, nice to meet you, Kristi!