Monday, January 24, 2011

Pretty earrings all in a row

I'm preparing to go into the hospital for gallbladder surgery and trying desperately to distract myself from my nervousness so I'm writing a long overdue post. I finished up this project before Christmas (and before gallbladder attacks started) and just got around to taking pics.

I wanted to create some way to have my jewelry out and visible instead of hidden away in little boxes and bags where I could never quite remember what I had. I also wanted to create something that would coordinate with our bedroom decor and serve as art in itself in a way. Using items I already had was also important.

The frames are the uber cheap IKEA variety that we had leftover from wedding decorations a few years back. The mesh are onion bags stretched out and hot glued in place with thin strips of mat board to keep them in place. The posts for the necklaces and bracelets are teeny tiny spools with more of those red buttons I love glued to the top. All the frames and spools were given a coat of DecoArt black paint prior to gluing everything together with heavy duty adhesive. Now I've got a lovely way to display all of my shiny, happy jewelry and it was made using everything I had already!

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