Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Better World Wednesday

Our recent trip to Iowa included lots of quality time with friends and family. We got to have lots of fun, good food and comfy beds to sleep in. All of these things that we take mostly for granted there are so many others who don't have that luxury. I was made acutely aware of this when we attended church with my new sister-in-law Cindy as part of our BIX 7 festivities. Her wonderful church, St. Paul's, has a jazz service each year at BIX time but this year they were also kicking off their Nuts About Nets program. They have partnered with to get 50,000 nets to Nigeria to help prevent the spread of malaria. One net can cover 3-4 people and help save so many lives. A good night's sleep is something we take for granted most nights but there are millions who can't do the same. 

I'm hoping to make a donation to this wonderful cause but don't really have the disposable income to do so. So I decided that I could stitch up a little something to raise funds to send along. One donation of $10 will purchase four nets. I have been stitching up these little heart sachets of netting and lace filled with miniature dried rosebuds and am selling them on Etsy. The profits from the sale of these sachets will go to this program and hopefully make another corner of the world a little better and safer place Please visit my Etsy shop and consider helping out.


  1. What a wonderful thoughtful thing to do. Malaria is such a killer in Africa; even where I used to live further down South we were plagued with Malaria. I wish you luck with this venture -I am sure you will hope you make loads of money, they are very pretty hearts!

  2. I hope so, Cheryl! Thanks for your encouragement - no sales yet, but I'm hopeful! I just want to do something to make a difference!