Friday, August 5, 2011

In an Instagram...

Here's a look back at the most recent everyday adventures. These little pics are all from our whirlwind trip through Iowa visiting old and new friends and new family and taking part in old traditions and reliving wonderful memories. You can also be a part of the Instagram fun over at Life Rearranged where lots of other wonderful people are sharing their phone photos.

We were able to spend lots of quality time with my friend Sara and her wonderful family (including her daughter Abby). My hubby was able to visit a couple of his oldest friends and spend more quality time with his newly found sister and I was able to finally meet a blogging friend in person and spend quality time at a quilt shop! We both felt so blessed to get to spend precious time with all of these people in our lives - they are all phenomenal people and feel so lucky to call them friends and family and to feel so loved and completely accepted by them.

Row 1: Bob & Abby | Bob & his sister Cindy having their pics taken for their big newspaper story | Bob & his friend Scott
Row 2: Abby & me | Bob & his friend Jason | My blogging friend Linda & I

Taking in old and new sights was also part of our Iowa adventures. We were able to take a tour of a beautiful new hotel on my hubby's old campus and were introduced to a beautiful organic farm where we picked up our friend's weekly produce share. We visited one of my old campuses and stood on the spot where Bob proposed to me a few years back. I got to see the Weinermobile for my second time in Iowa and we took in a new tradition of watching the Jr. BIX the night before participating in the BIX 7 with our new family.

Row 1: Hotel Kirkwood lobby | Abbe Hills Farm | the bridge at Central College where Bob proposed
Row 2: Home of the best Dutch Letters | My old hall | the phone booth at Central College
Row 3: Smokey Row where I got my daily doses of caffeine in Pella | the Weinermobile in Davenport | Jr. BIX runners

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