Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cork Tray

I finally got around to making something lovely for our home with all the wine corks that we've been collecting as well from a wonderful Freecycler! I've still got lots of them to create with, but I have been really wanting to create a tray for our dining room with corks. I took a bunch of the corks and sliced them in half lengthwise and figured out the pattern I wanted to use. Then I got to use my power tools to slice up some lumber scraps to form the base and border of the tray, painted it up and then set to gluing the corks in place. The final touch was slicing some thin rounds of cork to create little feet so as not to scratch up the table and voila - new dining room table decoration! Much to my surprise, the next day we went to dinner at the Thirsty Pagan over in Superior, WI and they have the very same idea for serving their fantastic pizza! I can't believe it took us as long as it did to make it to dinner over there - we won't make that mistake again!

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