Sunday, July 4, 2010

Perfect way to spend a Saturday

Our very sunny and hot Saturday was spent hiking a mile up one of the many hills here in Duluth from our house to the top of Chester Creek Park. Once the agony of the up hill climb is sweetly rewarded with one of the most magnificent treasures that our city offers - the gorgeous Chester Creek Park and the many beautiful sights within. I am always amazed while hiking through the park that this park lies right in the middle of the city, but as you wander through you are completely unaware that there is a bustling city just above you.

Another marvelous aspect of spending the day this way is what lies at the end of the park before the walk back home. As you exit the park back into the reality of city life, Burrito Union awaits you. We finished our trek just in time to replenish ourselves with breakfast burritos, bloody marys and lots of water. What a perfect way to spend a Saturday!

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