Monday, July 12, 2010

Hibbing highlights

This weekend's little jaunt included a drive to Grand Rapids, birthplace of Judy Garland. We actually stayed in a hotel right next to her childhood home which is now a museum(her home wasn't actually always there - they moved it there). Then we ventured up to Hibbing, birthplace of Bob Dylan (formerly known as Robert Zimmerman). Aside from that that little piece of Hibbing history, we also discovered that the town is also the birthplace of Greyhound so we visited the Greyhound Museum! There are buses from throughout their history that you can tour as well as buses that have been converted to motorhomes. I loved observing how little details changed over the years. The middle pic shows interior paneling that was typical of the buses in the 60s. My husband had fun sitting in the driver's seat of the buses as well as placing his face in the cutouts throughout the attraction! The bottom pic is my favorite from the day!

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  1. How fun for you to be visiting some places off the beaten path. Thanks for sharing tidbits of Americana.