Friday, August 20, 2010

Badlands, Beach, and Beverly

Yesterday's activities while here visiting mom and dad included a trek to western North Dakota. Our ultimate destination was Glendive, Montana to a quilt and home decor shop that my mom and I love. We spent some time there while dad and hubby went off to explore other parts of Glendive as they're not really quilt store kind of guys.

Once our brief visit to Montana was over we ventured back to our familiar North Dakota border and stopped at the Flying J Truck Stop in Beach to grab lunch as shopping and exploring always makes you hungry! Dad and hubby both had BLT sandwiches that must have had a half pound of bacon; needless to say they loved their lunch.

We continued our way back to the capital city with a stop in Medora. We always have to stop in Medora! By then we were hungry for ice cream and the gorgeous scenery of the Badlands. We also had to pick up some nuts to tide us over for the rest of the drive home. Now hubby and I are planning our next, lengthier visit to Theodore Roosevelt National Park to take in more of the beauty there.

After a brief stop in Dickinson we drove on to Taylor, North Dakota to visit the Art Depot. This old depot was actually moved from Richardton, North Dakota to become a kind of art collective for a handful of artists. We got to enjoy the art and the stories that one of the artists, Beverly, shared with us. We were also surprised to discover during our conversations with Beverly that she had been the prom date of my dad's cousin years earlier!

The day ended with a visit to one of our must visit restaurants when we're back in Bismarck - A & B Pizza!!! Sausage and sauerkraut pizza is the best!

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  1. You make that part of the northwest sound so interesting and fun. Haven't been there for years and years, yet I remember how flat and pretty it can be. So glad you're enjoying yourselves!