Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My very first fabrics....

I was visiting my mom and dad back in August and was lucky enough to discover Spoonflower! I was lucky for many reasons, but that August day, in particular was Free Swatch Day! Everyone was able to receive two free swatches on that day, and they also gave everyone the opportunity to make a donation to Heifer International in exchange. So they received a bunch of donations and all of us Spoonflower fans got a couple of free swatches!

So, I quickly got the ideas in my head worked out on my computer and sent away to Spoonflower! The first and third swatches in the top pic were my very first two designs and eventually came to life on the Sideways Satchel from a previous post. The circle designs came next and then I worked them out in a pink and brown color combo.

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  1. You're so gifted, Tammy I love your designs.