Monday, January 18, 2010


Finishing up placemats was a bit more difficult task than I had hoped but eventually got all stitched up late last night in the midst of watching the Golden Globes - all the movies I have yet to see!!!

Stitching them up was put on hiatus for a couple of trips - the first was searching out Christmas dishes that mom fell in love with that are now on clearance, so she called up my sister and I who live in two different states across the country to head out to the department stores and search for Johnson Brothers Friendly Village dishware of which I managed to find four place settings; then I was off to pick up a few office supplies!

Once those errands were taken care of, I could finally focus on sewing the placemats from my own fabric design and printed by Spoonflower! After cutting out all the elements, I got to stitching. I'm thinking that I'm still going to add a bit more hand embellishment as I did around the circle applique once I get to the craft store and pick up some greenish perle cotton - I think they still need a hand-stitched border around the whole thing...

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