Monday, June 28, 2010

From this to this...

I try to make my own cards for special occasions - actually who am I kidding, I always try to make everyone's present for special occasions! Not always quick or easy but it's a lot more meaningful for me and I hope for the recipient as well! The special occasion that's just around the corner is my dad's birthday. My dad is a wonderful and even though I won't be with him on his actual birthday, I wanted to make a card that would convey just how much he means to me. He's the epitome of the world's best dad - unconditional love and support!

The card began with these pages filled with my calligraphy and other lettering.

With a little bit of experimenting and searching through my stash of papers, it became this card for dear old dad!

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  1. You're so talented! And you have a great paper stash. I'm sure your dad will cherish it. What a good daughter...