Monday, June 14, 2010

In a fog...

My head only feels slightly foggy this morning which I think is mostly due to the weather we've been experiencing all weekend. I love these sorts of days once in a while, but they do tend to make me feel sleepy and sluggish. Before leaving our lovely hotel in Grand Marais yesterday, I captured as much of the balcony view out of our room as I could given the dense fog over Lake Superior. When we looked across to Artist's Point it was completely obscured or I would be sharing that with you!

On the drive back down the North Shore, the fog was just as thick, but made for some really incredible views. We stopped at Silver Bay to capture this moment looking out at this rock formation that feels all dreamy and mysterious in the mist. The whole trip up and back felt a bit surreal as the fog constantly hovered over the lake and made the water appear as if it disappeared into the clouds and nothingness.


  1. What a pretty place to be! I hope you found that surreality a little bit inspirational. It looks beautiful. I'm happy for you to have enjoyed this get-away.

  2. It was just so beautiful and surreal - dreamlike!