Sunday, June 13, 2010

Journey to Grand Marais

My husband and I ventured up the North Shore to begin celebrating our anniversary a few days early. Last year we took our first trip up the North Shore to the Canadian border (but couldn't cross as we don't have our passports or enhanced licenses yet!) We were hoping to head up that way again today, but as the fog is as thick as pea soup, we're thinking it's probably not worth it. On our journey, we made lots of little stops along the way to take a break from the thick fog that was also present yesterday.

We stopped for breakfast/lunch at The Rustic Inn as we had to try the other lesser known pie spot along Highway 61. I indulged in Cranberry Wild Rice French Toast - YUMMY!!!

The next stop was a perfect opportunity for a little hike around the Temperance River in one of our beautiful state parks. It was remarkable to see the "potholes" that this remarkable river formed in the massive rock. I'm hoping I can get some pics of the Lupines that are in full bloom all along the shore!


  1. What a pretty place to be. Happy anniversary! Have a wonderful trip!

  2. Thanks Linda! It was beautiful and a nice little getaway!